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Channels currently available on IPTV

BBC 1 Film 4 Boomerang
BBC 1 Northern Ireland Sky Movies Premier CBBC
BBC 2 England Sky Movies Comedy CBBeebies 
BBC 2 Northern Ireland Sky Movies Action Cartoon Network 
BBC 3 Sky Movies Thriller Disney channel 
BBC 4 Sky Movies Disney Disney Junior 
ITV 1 London Sky Movies ScFi  
ITV 2  Sky Movies Select INTERNATIONAL
ITV 3 Sky Movies Family NRK 1
ITV 4   NRK 2
Channel 4  NEWS  
E4   Al Jazeera Eng RADIO 
More 4   BBC News BBC 1-2-3-4-5 
Channel 5   Sky News  BBC World Service 
Animal Planet SPORTS Smooth 
Challenge At the races Gold 
Comedy Central  Box Nation Capital FM
Crime BT Sports 1 Heart
Dave BT Sports 2 Los 40 Princepales
Discovery ESPN Spectrum FM
Discovery Turbo  Eurosport 1  Kiss FM Ireland
Drama Eurosport 2  Horizon FM Tenerife
Eden  Premier Sports  ChroniX Agression
Five  USA Racing UK Metel Express
Five Star  Setanta Ireland  VTR MNM
Food Network Sky Sports 1  VTR Raidis 1
Fox  Sky Sports 2 Q Music
Gold  Sky Sports 3  
History Channel  Sky Sports 4  
Lifetime Sky Sports F1  
National Geo Sky Sports News  
National Geo Wild   ADULT
Pick TV  MUSIC Adult 1
Really Bliss  Adult 2
RTE 1 Capital  Adult 3
RTE 2 Flava  Adult 4
Universal Heart  These channels are blockable with parental lock
Sky Arts 1 Scuzz   

Sky Arts 2



Sky One    
Sky Two    
Sky Atlantic    
Sky Living    
Sky Living It    
TG 3    
TG 4    







* Plus there is free access to Video Club with loads of recent films to choose from.  Video on demand*



SES-5 SATELLITE -  5.0 DEGREES EAST with 80 cm dish - KU BAND


  • BVN - Beste van Nederland en Vlaanderen - De publieke televisiezender voor Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het buitenland 


  • CCTV 4 | CCTV 9 Documentary | CCTV French | CCTV News English |


  • OVHD- Promo channel | Zuku  Zone - Promo channel BeBlack - Music | France 24 - News | Vox Africa - Music and Entertainment | BTV Business | UCBN | Love World Plus | Ecoan Magazine TV | Love World Sat | My news Channel | Live TV | Holy God TV | ORTB | Al Madina | Benie TV | ETV Hyde Park -Live feeds | ETV Cape Town - Live feeds | ETV Pretoria - Live feeds | Esat - New Horn | Ad-Hoc Events | SWC Test | I24 News English | National Geographic Channel GOLD | NHK World


  • Al Qarra - News-Entertainment | Canal 3 Monde - Entertainment | Canal Info News | Benie TV ORTB | France 24 News | LM TV Cameroun - Entertainment | TV Congo | TV 5 Monde | TFM Senegal | Voxafrica | LMTV | New Horn | Sud1ere Music channel |Business 24 | Business 24 | CCTV French | VoxAfrica News - Series | Espace TV | Afrique Media TV |


  • DW - Deutsche Welle (English translate) |


  • Samanyulu TV - News and Movies



  • Al Madina | Angel TV Indian | New Horn TV |




The channel line-up has been divided into four genres: Entertainment, Culture and Lifestyle, Children and Education andReligion

  • Mindset TV
  • Mindset embraces all things learning: from complex mathematics to changing a light bulb to how to balance your cheque-book. With Mindset TV everyone can learn something new, today and every day! The new Mindset channel is the channel of choice for information, innovation and education. Mindset is Afro-centric and offers mainly locally-produced programming. Mindset TV is all about connecting to communities.
  • Glow TV
  • Glow TV is a lifestyle choice. It is a celebration of experiences. It is bold, bright and beautiful. Glow TV is a natural choice for all young, vibrant, culturally aware South Africans. Content is eastern inspired and South African curated. We have taken the best on offer - the drama, the passion, the colour, the vibrancy, the taste - and tailored it for you to enjoy. Content includes food, soapies, comedy, travel, variety (talk show, music, celebrity gossip) and reality. Our content is in English and Hindi with English subtitles. More than just entertainment, Glow TV is Bollywood through fresh eyes: YOURS.
  • eKasi+
  • eKasi+, a brand new channel from, is the destination of choice for local entertainment that celebrates and inspires authentic township life. The channel features talk shows, dramas, movies, music, gospel, kids entertainment, lifestyle and reality shows.
  • eAfrica+
  • eAfrica+, a brand new channel from, is the destination of choice for free Pan-African entertainment. It showcases original African stories, created by Africans, for Africans. The channel features African music, dramas, news and your favourite Nollywood movies.
  • eMovies+
  • eMovies+, a brand new channel from, is the destination of choice for free movie entertainment. A broad range of movie genres ensures that everybody’s needs are catered for.
  • eToonz+
  • eToonz+, a brand new channel from, is the destination of choice for free quality kids entertainment – where exciting tales create endless adventures!
  • Deen TV
  • Deen TV is a Lifestyle TV Channel with an Islamic Ethos. The core focus and mission of Deen TV is to display the tenets of a balanced and moral society within the context of the South African democracy and worldwide. The channel’s Programming includes a myriad of genres inclusive of News, Actuality, Documentary, Series and Community amongst others. Programming also includes lighthearted entertainment in the form of cooking and lifestyle shows. The Islamic content comprises of recitals, lectures, educational programs and much more.
  • Da Vinci Learning
  • Da Vinci Learning is an innovative and unique educational television channel that aims to bring curious minds of all ages together to celebrate the lifelong journey of learning. Reaching millions of viewers around the world, Da Vinci Learning offers a wide array of programmes, all of which meet our high standards for quality, family-friendly content. Curated with the entire family in mind, the Da Vinci Learning channel offers something for everyone. Our philosophy is centered around the idea of seamless learning, the belief that learning is a lifelong journey that hinges on participation, engagement, and, most importantly, fun! Da Vinci Learning … The educational channel for the whole family.”
  • English Club TV
  • English Club TV produces and broadcasts an edutainment channel devoted to English Language learning. A factual channel, presented in an entertaining format accounts for English Club TV's popularity and rapid expansion since launch date of 2012. 
    Targeted to Adults and Kids this edutainment channel's programs are developed by experienced teachers and methodologists using various current techniques and learning methods that are patented. 
    English speakers, hosts/presenters/ambassadors of our programmes, make every program entertaining, interesting and full of numerous commonly used words and language construction. All the while improving English skills through Early Childhood Learning to Adult Basic Educati
  • Spirit Word Ministries
  • Spirit Word Ministries was started in 1985 and has subsequently grown into a pace-setting church. This ministry is reaching out to the whole of South Africa and beyond its borders with Miracles, Signs and Wonders. 
    The ministry branches out into a healthy growing Television Channel, a Christian School, a Bible School, the Alive for Christ (AFC) student programme and also a lively Youth ministry.
  • ASTV
  • ASTV is a proudly Afrikaans television channel. ASTV gives an unpretentious brand and content with quality family entertainment and programs of a high standard that is non discriminatory and educational. 
    ASTV is a channel depicting the Afrikaans language as alive and energetic! For us Afrikaans is alive in
  • our lives
    our love

OpenviewHD (promo channel)
eMovies HD+

Glow TV

Trial TV

ASTV (Music)
Deen TV

eToonz+ (Kids)
Mindset TV
DV Learning (Kids)

Spirit World


Vox News (French)
NHK World (English)
Angel TV Africa (Indian)
LM TV (French)
Benie TV (French)

France 24 News (French)
Canal 3 Monde (French)
Espace (French)
France 24 News (English)
BVN Beste Van Nederland en Vlaanderen (Dutch)
Afrique Media (French)
TV5 Monde (French)
DW Deutsche Welle (English translate)

Samanyolu TV (Turkish)

New Horn TV
TV Congo

CCTV 4 Chinese (English subtitles/translate)
CCTV 9 Chinese Documentary (English translate)
Business 24 (French)
CCTV F Chinese (French translate)
CCTV News (English translate)

Occa Afric Promo channel


IS 20 SATELLITE -  68.5 DEGREES EAST (DSTV) with 80 cm dish


  • BTV | Dish TV | New Generation | Channel Zim | Breakthru TV | SEN 3 | SEN 4 | SEN 5 | SEN 6 | Vodacom TV | Homebase TV | SWC |Kruiskyk TV | God Never Fails TV | Alex TV | Ezekiel TV | RLW | DayStar | RCG TV | Isambulo TV | France 24 | Madani Channel |Miracle TV | Messiah | Liberation TV | BETV | Olive TV | Angel TV Africa | ABN | Kicc TV | ADBN | Mercy TV | Charis TV | Success TV |RAK TV | New Frontiers | Ahlulbayt TV | Celebration TV | Smile TV | Viewsat | First TV | Sama Lebanon TV | Reborn TV | Hosanna TV |Blessing TV | 3ABN | ITVN | Champions TV | Hola TV | Chosen TV | ACBN | ACNN | CNTV | Channel ZN | Omega | CVV | My TV | HC International | HC Novo Tempo | Hope Channel Africa | ATV | Ambassadors TV | Channel 44 | El Shaddai | Dove Vision | Sonlife |Evangel TV | Spirit World | God TV | Dunamis TV | MFM TV | JCC TV | Praise TV | Inspiration TV | CTV | UBN | RTM | Emmanuel TV |Starcross TV | LoveWorld | WRS | KLN TV | Oracle TV | PBN | SHMTV | Prophetic Channel | Healer TV | Bethesda TV | GFTV/GOF AMINT | CTA Africa | Golden TV |


  •  Free to air channels available on the Vivid NagraVision DSD 419 decoder:

SABC 1 | SABC 2 | SABC 3 | Emmanuel TV |  Starcross TV | Loveworld | Rivers Of Living Water | DayStar TV Channel | The Revelation of Churh of God | Isambulo TV | Redeemed Christian Church | World Restoration Service | God Never Fails Television | France 24 News Channel | Homebase TV | New Generation Church | Channel Zim | Breakthru TV | Christian TV | Unity Broadcast Network | KLN TV | Spirit Word Channel | Kruiskyk | Ezekiel TV | Alex TV | Tswane Tv | Cape Town TV | SEN3 | SEN4 | SEN5 | SEN6 | Vodacom TV |  


 Last update: July 2014